Srinagar–Baramulla highway

Srinagar Baramullah highway is the national highway and the road in Kashmir valley that connects municipal committee of Srinagar with Baramulla. The road distance between the two cities is 54 kilometres (34 mi) and minimum travel time is 55 minutes. Border road organization is in the process of constructing new concrete bridges at places where old army’s iron bridges were constructed for the proper development of the road. The highway is the part of National Highway 1A (India) which is originally road between Jalandhar and Uri. The highway runs on approximately same reduced level of around 1,700 metres (5,600 ft) above mean sea level. Jammu and Kashmir state road transport corporation provides transport facilities on the road every day on fixed time intervals for the convenience of the people traveling from Srinagar to Baramullah or vice versa. The road further stretches from end terminus up to Muzaffarabad with an addition of 124 kilometres (77 mi). 

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